Fem the Future - Women's Crop Top

Fem the Future - Women's Crop Top

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Let's create a future that is more feminine.
Imagine an alternative that is more human.

"Every woman has a well-stocked arsenal of anger potentially useful against those oppressions, personal and institutional, which brought that anger into being. Focused with precision it can be become a powerful source of energy serving progress and change. And when I speak of change, I do not mean a simple switch of positions or a temporary lessening of tensions, nor the ability to smile and feel good. I am speaking of a basic and radical alteration of those assumptions underlying our lives." – AUDRE LORDE

• 100% 30/1 combed cotton
• Form fitting
• Made in the USA
• Bottom hem has an unfinished, raw edge

Artwork by Cynthia Didier / @CynthiaDid


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Width (inches) 15 ½ 16 ½ 17 ½ 18 ½