Donald Trump is like Kanye West for White People

Here’s the thing…

Most people supporting Trump don’t care that he uses dangerous rhetoric that stokes racial hatred, or that he often speaks with a fascist tone. They don’t care if he doesn’t have any plan. They don’t care if he lies about reading the bible. They don’t care if he has no knowledge of foreign affairs. They like that he’s rich, and seemingly “wins” everything. They don’t care that he started out wealthy. They don’t care if he’s declared bankruptcy multiple times. He seems to be doing just fine right now. They don’t care that he’s been a “liberal” in the past. They don’t care that he might be completely trolling this entire election and does not actually care about anything to do with the Republican Party.

Donald Trump is sort’ve like the Kanye West for white people (who are poorly educated). He does whatever he wants. He says whatever he wants. He’s the fantastical American dream on steroids. He is what we have been sold since our youth; especially what has ben sold to white males. That we can literally be anything we want and we don’t have to ask for permission. We just take it. Because it’s all about “winning.” It’s not about morality. It’s not about truth. It’s not about learning from history. It’s certainly not about intellectualism. It’s just about ME, ME, ME. Win, win, win. It’s the legacy of “manifest destiny,” meets hyper-capitalism.

Seems totally insane, and yet it all makes sense to me. We can trace it back to ‘The Birth (certificate) of a Nation.’

Even if ‘The Donald’ doesn’t win the election, he’s winning (I don’t think he will, but it’s possible). Before this election, he was a trumped-up tycoon and a semi-relevant reality TV star. Now he’s hands down one of the most famous people in the world. Ranked somewhere between the Pope, President Obama, and I dunno, maybe Kim Kardashian, Justin Beiber, and Beyoncé. If you listen closely, he really didn’t even want to run for President. But he quickly realized that if he just bloviated toughness and a make-believe inability to fail, that simpler Americans would cling to his cult of personality and the media would do the rest for him. Now he’s going to win the nomination for a party that’s comprised of over 90% whites, and a base that believes the President is Muslim, and that climate change isn’t real.

Seems totally insane, and yet it all makes sense to me. We can trace it back to ‘The Birth (certificate) of a Nation.’ A lot of undereducated white folks are upset, fed up with the system and their plot in life, and they don’t know who to blame other than the usual dark skinned boogieman, and business as usual in Washington D.C. To them, Trump represents an opportunity for “American” resurgence, white dominance, and an alternate universe where a Billionaire goes to Washington D.C. and works for the people, instead of the Billionaires.

That’s where we are at in 2016, with about half of this country.

On the bright side, the kids aren’t buying it.

Cue: DJ Khaled ‘All We Do Is Win‘ #MoreSuccess 🔑