Jerry Rice Drove A Lyft In San Francisco And Nobody Noticed

I know I’m supposed to care if Jerry Rice drove some people around in a Lyft and they didn’t notice, but I don’t.

Does that really surprise you?

We live in a city filled with gentrifiers and transplants that often navigate throughout their entire day never leaving the comfort of their cell phone. Swipe left.

Most of us don’t even know our neighbors now, let alone Jerry Rice or Joe Montana. Joe literally goes to Whole Foods here and nobody bothers him. Who’s that good looking old white guy with the blue eyes?

Shit, maybe I wouldn’t have noticed Jerry either? Too busy writing about how damn unexamined we have become. Swipe right.

But I don’t take Lyft or Uber so I guess he’s gonna have to drive a cab next time for me to notice. Plus, Jerry and I go way back to parties at Slide, and before that pickup games at Pacific Athletic Club (where I couldn’t afford a membership but always managed to somehow get in). I would’ve spotted his pearly whites from a mile away. The greatest receiver who’s ever lived driving around in a city that’s not listening or paying attention.



^ Me & Flash80