It’s Foreign Policy, Stupid: Bernie’s Last Chance At Defeating The Clinton Machine

If the Bernie Sanders campaign wants to have a real chance at winning, he must do a better job at emphatically connecting the dots on Foreign Policy, in regards to Hillary Clinton’s disastrous record as a war hawk.

Hillary Clinton’s Foreign Policy is literally Bush/Cheney 3.0

President Obama’s Foreign Policy hasn’t been very good either (especially his Drone campaign), but Hillary would be moving us back toward the far right, and backwards in time.

• She was for Iraq, which became a failed state that created ISIS.

• She then repeated the same failed policy again as Sec. of Sate, pushing the overthrow of Gaddafi in Libya, and creating another vacuum to be filled by terrorists. Some of which were created by her Iraq war vote.

Furthermore, Barack Obama has said that Libya was his “worst mistake” – and that was Hillary’s signature piece of Foreign Policy.

Basically, the President equates his greatest failure as President with Hillary Clinton’s main policy push. The fact that Bernie did not mention this in the Brooklyn debate and go after her on it was a major missed opportunity that could cost him NY and the chance to win the nomination. But his errors of omission at the debate do not excuse her disastrous and deadly mistakes.


And, it does not end with Libya. As Sec. of State she worked to arm Saudi Arabia, one of the most repressive regimes against WOMEN and free speech. Her support of Saudi Arabia has led to further destabilize the Middle East, including the regimes reckless bombing of Yemen, responsible for killing thousands of civilians with our support.

In addition to all of this, she has received millions of dollars from the likes of Lockheed, Boeing, and Saudi Arabia, that have contributed to her campaign, her personal bank account, and also her Clinton Global initiative. As former US Marine Corp Major General Smedley D. Butler, once famously said, “War is a racket.” Hillary’s scheme has been to push war in the Middle East, directly benefitting her and her business associates. Imperialism at it’s finest. Her mentor Henry Kissinger must be proud.

As Oliver Stone recently said, “Hillary Clinton has been for every war we have fought.”


Beyond Wall Street


Bernie Sanders has pulled in a ton of new voters with his consistent positions on Wall Street and our corrupt political process. He should continue to make those connections but he’s got that position on lock. He must move beyond defaulting to this narrative, even if he’s absolutely right about its influence on everything else. If we want to beat The Machine, and essentially overthrow the Neo-Liberal Democratic establishment, we have to show that Hillary is essentially Dick Cheney when it comes to Foreign Policy.

Beyond Foreign Policy, Bernie must continue to reach out to disaffected and disenfranchised populations, both through his surrogates and his campaign message, listening, learning, and reminding folks as to the true colors of the Clinton’s and their socioeconomic policies. From Bill Clinton’s recent demonization of Black Lives Matter protestors, to the couples collective support of Welfare Reform (which crushed poor people of color), and ‘Tough on Crime’ legislation that championed the “Super Predator” narrative and exploded the prison population, the Clinton’s have received far too much support from the Black community with very little offered in return. Moreover, examining trends with Millennials and the Twittersphere, perhaps Clinton’s lock on the Black vote is not as strong as the media would have us believe (#BernieMadeMeWhite).

California or Bust

In addition to hitting hard on Foreign Policy, we must work to REGISTER a record number of new voters in California (before May 23rd). The majority of people that are going to vote for Hillary are already registered. We can certainly convert some of them with a stronger and more specific Foreign Policy argument, but there’s no chance of winning a Democratic convention led by a corrupted DNC, unless hundreds of thousands of new voters come into the fold in California and force the issue. California has over 500 delegates including Supers Delegates and we have until June 7th (CA Primary) to move the dial in the Golden State.

If you are tired of hearing the phony Paul Begala corporate news coverage on CNN, and all of this Nate Silver influenced math, then we must push harder on Foreign Policy, and we must Register (and Re-register) more people in California than ever before. Best of luck to everyone in New York on April 19th. Let’s hope you shock the world!

– Nate Mezmer