Black People Can’t Be Racist

The Difference Between Prejudice & Racism

A lot of White people, from the well-educated to the under-educated, seem to struggle with the concept of ‘Racism in America’ and who can be “Racist.”

It’s important that we continue to break this down, so everyone can better understand the scholarly differences between Bigotry and systems of Racism.

*** YES, Black/Brown people can be prejudice, bigoted, hateful, etc, but they cannot be “Racist”, in that they do not have the ability to affect ‘Systemic Racism’ against Whites. If YOU as a White person want to personally consider someone being Prejudice the same as them being Racist, that’s up to you. But that is inaccurate from a scholarly sense, and more importantly regardless of your opinion, Black people do not have the ability to impact Systemic Racism against Whites.

*** IF, Black/Brown people became the dominant ethnic groups, controlling the majority of wealth, politics, banks, and laws, and IF they were the majority of judges, lawyers, politicians, CEO’s, businessmen, police, and IF they then Systemically Oppressed White people for Hundreds of years, then they could be “Racist.”

For example, if Blacks controlled all of these aforementioned institutionsFOR GENERATIONS, and IF they imposed a ‪#‎OneDropRule‬, in which anyone with “one drop” of “white blood” was considered “White” and therefore lesser human, and without the same equal rights, then Black people could be “Racist.” There would also be some “Whites” that could‘pass’ as Black if they had enough “black blood” and were thus viewed as Dark enough.

However, even if all of this were to occur and there was a systemic structure of Racism against Whites in America, as imposed by Black-controlled systems. Blacks, with their newfound Black privilege, would have the ability to speak out against these Racist systems and become ALLIES of oppressed White people.

Of course, this is hypothetical and opposite of our American History and the racial realities that we live in today. Again, if you want to consider ‘everyday prejudice’ and bigotry the same thing as “Racism,” go right ahead. But you would be wrong.

Therefore, this discernment between understanding basic bigotry and larger concepts of structural racism is very important if YOU are concerned with using accurate language when speaking about Racism in America, in the context of historical structures of Race in America.

All of this is based on extensive scholarship and generations of Historical study by noted academics. I did not make this up! I do however have a degree in History from the University of California, Davis, with an emphasis in Race in America and US History. Moreover, I minored in African-American studies and spent more than a year specifically studying under Professor Clarence Walker, the award winning African-American History teacher.


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Macklemore’s “White Privilege II” Is Another Attempt To Begin A Long Overdue Conversation

Note: I met Macklemore back in 1999. At the time he was brand new on the scene, hustling to get his music played at local college radio in the Bay Area (I worked at KSZU’s “The Drum” with Kevvy Kev). He was a few years younger than I was, and he was humble. I remember him giving me and my friends his CD. I don’t remember the tracks from that particular project but it had that angsty backpacker sound that Atmosphere and “Anticon” were doing. Several years later, I’d run into him again at a show in Portland. We took a photo together and he remembered me from the station. Fast forward to 2011 and I was pleasantly surprised to see his name on a major festival billing with a guy named “Ryan Lewis.” About a year after that, he would quickly ascend to the top of the charts with his catchy ‘Thrift Shop‘ track and the rest is History. Since then, most people have assumed that he was an overnight success. With his fame and sometimes purposefully corny hooks, many have quipped that he’s not really “hip-hop” and simply another white person appropriating the culture. But, if you listen to the music that he’s written over the years, Macklemore has attempted to remain aware of his place in the culture, as well as the impact of White Supremacy and Privilege.

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 9.48.42 AM

“This song sucks. It’s all over the place.” – Unexamined trolling comment

If we are arguing over whether this song is sonically pleasing or not, we are misguided in our focus. Perhaps it’s uncomfortable and lengthy layout is actually quite appropriate. That’s because there is nothing structurally pleasing about Systemic Oppression and the History of Racism in America. Certainly, getting White folks to understand “White Privilege” is not something that’s going to magically happen with just a couple 16-bar verses and a catchy hook. We are talking about a very complex topic, that Whites in general have yet to be ready and willing to intellectually process, let alone emotionally deal with the weight of it all. But, we do love us some Black music!

“We want to dress like, walk like, talk like, dance like, yet we just stand by/ We take all we want from black culture, but will we show up for black lives?” – Macklemore

As a White kid growing up in the 90’s, my experience like many other youth of my generation was that almost everything “cool” seemed to be inspired by Hip-Hop culture. Rap music, Graffiti art, Baggy and Colorful fashions, TV shows like In Living Color, Martin, and Fresh Prince, were all responsible for not only shaping the style and soundtrack of the decade but fundamentally the direction of American culture in the 21st century. However it was more than just coolness. Hip-hop culture and it’s music would literally change my life and help to open my perspective far beyond my White world (“911 is a Joke“).

Of course, this phenomenon did not start with Hip-hop. Before Afrika Bambaataa’s Planet Rock shook the world and before Sugar Hill Gang stole the Rapper’s Delight lyrics from Grandmaster Caz, Black America had already been responsible for creating everything from Disco and Rock N Roll, to Blues and Jazz. Not to mention being on the cutting edge of developing House Music and Techno in the urban neighborhoods of Detroit, New York, and Chicago. Like Hip-Hop, all of these art forms were created by Black Americans amidst the pressures of systemic racism, poverty, and state-sponsored violence. A unique genius and ingenuity that could only be born from such intense pressure to appear like diamonds from coal. In creating these things, Black America would give birth to languages and culture that would become more powerful than any religion.

“Do not ever forget that the biggest exporter in this country is Black culture. Our culture is what they send out to the world… If you go anywhere in the world, they send us through our culture. So, what are we but the greatest thing that America has ever sent out to the world.” – Rahiel Tesfamariam [Video]

The fact that Black Americans were originally brought here as African slaves, stolen from their homes, stripped of their history, language, family, even their names, and would ultimately end up creating the greatest cultural forces that this country has ever produced is very telling. Under the weight of all of that oppression they would also become the greatest athletes the world has ever known. They would become our greatest soldiers for justice and equality. Not to mention many of the greatest poets, entertainers, and actors alike. Meanwhile, fighting bravely for the U.S. in all of the Wars of the 20th and 21st century without ever receiving true equality in their own homeland. The hypocrisy is boundless, and the denial of its impact is a collective mental illness.

“So, now people want to listen because Macklemore made a song about White Privilege? – Twitter comment

Yes, Black folks and others have been speaking on this for years. What Macklemore is talking about is nothing new. But, the greatest obstacle to racial progress & social justice in the United States, as Martin Luther King once wrote from a Birmingham Jail, is not the most racist Whites or even the Ku Klux Klan, but in fact the average White person that is more concerned with maintaining order than pursuing justice. We see this example today when so many White people decry the ‘direct actions’ of Black Lives Matter groups, while simultaneously claiming that they are “not racist” but that these protestors are “going about it wrong.” We simply don’t get it, yet.

“Fuck Macklemore. Fuck this song. Fuck the narrative of supporting white people who talk about racism while most of them willingly do shit to hurt Black communities.” – Comment on Facebook

In the spirit of the late great Grace Lee Boggs (Black Panther leader & Chinese American woman), CONVERSATION must never be devalued. And what America needs right now more than anything is for White folks to have a very honest conversation about race and privilege. Because up until this point we clearly have not been willing, nor able to listen to what People of Color are saying. So, without this conversation that Macklemore and MANY others before him have been attempting to begin, there will be no LISTENING to People of Color. And it will only come from listening, that we can start learning. And only at that point can we begin to develop greater understanding, empathy, compassion, and support for Black America and their struggle.

Indeed, “BLACK LIVES” will not “MATTER” if White Americans continue to deny that the country was built upon White Supremacy. For “ALL LIVES” to “MATTER”, we must reach a point where the Government no longer wages a “WAR on DRUGS” that disproportionately targets and disparately sentences People of Color (Today, we have more Black bodies in prison for Drug crimes than there were slaves in 1865 #NewJimCrow). We must get to a point where growing up Black in America doesn’t mean that you are more likely to be killed by gang violence or by the Police, than go to a 4-year college. But, not just that. Currently, Black and Brown bodies are being used to traffic the drugs that middle-class and upper-class Whites often use without consequence or concern for where they originated. We must get to a point where being “Black” in America doesn’t mean that you are profiled on a daily basis simply based on your skin color. Because one day we must get to a point where Black skin doesn’t automatically trigger an ominous “alertness” in White people that does not exist when we see people who look like us. That whole “content of character” dream.

For All Lives to Matter, we must begin to recognize ALL of this systemic inequity and then we must begin to listen and learn from Black voices, if we want to start to make changes.



p.s. – Here’s MY PSA on “White Privilege” (for White people),  It’s not what you think.


CNN & The Corporate Oligarchy Doesn’t Want You To ‘Feel The Bern’

The young man at the corner store by my house works 60 hours a week and every time I come in he’s watching CNN with the volume off (subtitles on). I always tell him to “be careful” because ‘they’ are trying to “brainwash you” and he laughs. English is his second language but he understands what I mean.

Tonight, I told him again to “stop watching CNN” because they were running their usual Trump drama. This time it was beef with Hillary (which is their current wet dream until there’s another terror attack or mass shooting).

He tells me, “I like Trump. He is crazy,” and laughs. I tell him, “yeah he is, he could start World War III.” He laughs again and nods. I tell him that they want him to keep watching CNN and vote for “Coke or Pepsi. Clinton or Trump.” He smiles and says something to the effect of “it’s going to be one of them.” I tell him, “Trump can’t win but Hillary has to beat Bernie Sanders first.” He said “who?”

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 10.16.31 AM

I quickly realized that he didn’t know who Bernie Sanders was, until I explained what he looked like. I told him Bernie has raised the most money from individual donors of any of the candidates, and even more than Obama in 2008 up until this point. He was impressed but you could tell he was confused. Why wasn’t Bernie Sanders all over his CNN screen? Why isn’t he more aware of the candidate that’s received the most campaign contributions from average Americans? Upon leaving I told him “good luck, and be careful.”

If you think this guy is clueless or out of the loop, you’re wrong. He literally watches CNN every night and yet doesn’t really know who Bernie Sanders is without explanation. This is how they do it. This is why the DNC chair put the democratic debates on Saturday nights during the holidays when nobody is home in front of their TV. While Bernie Sanders is making a lot more sense on ISIS and Wall Street than Hillary (and infinitely more sense than every GOP candidate aside from Rand Paul), most people who might vote for The Bern are either out drinking at holiday parties or shopping for Christmas.

This is America, but this isn’t a Democracy.

We live in a Nation controlled by a Corporate Oligarchy.

If we lived in a real Democracy our news would tell us truth. Not sell us gossip and drama.

If we lived in a real Democracy, the head of the Democratic Party wouldn’t be rigging the system in favor of the preferred corporate establishment candidate. Thus tricking people into believing HC is “Presidential,” even though she is just another political actor that actively works for the Big Banks and the War machine, rather than the people.

If we lived in a real Democracy, poor white people wouldn’t be lined up to foolishly vote against their own self interests. Working class white Americans wouldn’t favor a bigoted Billionaire that spews fascist rhetoric as opposed to populist policies that would actually help the average hard working person.

But the popularity of Bernie Sanders is because of all of this hypocrisy and madness. It’s because of Bush’s reckless invasion of Iraq. It’s because of the greedy bankers who crashed the economy but were bailed out without jail. It’s because of Occupy Wall Street. It’s also now influenced by Black Lives Matter, and voices like Killer Mike, and Cornel West.

Bernie Sanders may not win the primary (he does poll better against Trump in many states). Hillary Clinton may indeed become the next president of the United States. A lesser of two evils that appears to be progress but is more of the same when it comes to the Middle East and crony capitalism in Washington DC. However, the people that understand that we need true systemic change (from the top down) are not going to go away. Because once you know the truth, it’s very hard to go back. There’s always the NFL, the Kardashians, Christmas specials, your job, your rent, medical bills, drugs, alcohol, relationships, but there’s no ‘Blue Pill’ in this Matrix.

We need more people to Wake up.


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Frank Sinatra & Black Lives Matter: The Anti-Racist Spirit of Ol’ Blue Eyes

I never new Frank Sinatra was an anti-Racist.

Recently, I stumbled upon a quote from the man that read:


“We’ve got a hell of a long way to go in this racial situation. As long as most white men think of a Negro first and a man second, we’re in trouble. I don’t know why we can’t grow up.” – Frank Sinatra

I began to research him some more and was pleasantly surprised that Ol’ Blue Eyes was a White-Allie for Black Lives. He credited this to his understanding of being a child of oppressed immigrants, as well as his relationship with the many influential Black Jazz musicians whom he was inspired. Including his close friendship with Sammy Davis Jr that began back in 1941. Notably, he also starred in a short film called “The House I Live In” (1945) which dealt with discrimination against Jews, and in the 21st century this film would be somewhat inspirational for the Documentary by the same name that tackles the War on Drugs and disparate targeting of African-Americans. In 1958, Ebony Magazine would publish Sinatra’s “The Way I Look at Race,” in which he would declare bigotry a disease.

Sinatra of course was not without flaws. Initially a staunch Democrat and ardent backer of FDR and JFK, he later became a supporter of both Nixon and Reagan, two President’s that were disastrous for the Black community in regards to their championing of the modern day Drug War. Not that FDR and JFK weren’t without their racist baggage. FDR was most notably at the helm when the Japanese faced massive internment during WWII. The New Deal architect might be celebrated unanimously today, but his administration also snubbed the great African-American track athlete Jesse Owens from attending the White House in 1936 after his Olympic victories in Nazi Germany. JFK also famously snubbed Sinatra’s friend, Sammy Davis, from attending his 1961 inauguration because the singer was married to a White woman. Sinatra himself was also known to be a hard drinker, a womanizer, and connected to the Mob. However, he remained a staunch Anti-Racist for the duration of his life and penned the following op-ed on 4th of July 1991, titled: “PERSPECTIVE ON THE FOURTH OF JULY : The Haters and Bigots Will Be Judged.”

Going into 2016, we need more White people of influence to step-up in the spirit of Sinatra and clearly acknowledge the importance of BLACK LIVES MATTERING in America. Such vocalization might seem only symbolic, or merely a small step forward, but it’s absolutely necessary if we want to conquer the demons of our past and overturn today’s New Jim Crow, including the failed War on Drugs, the “criminal Injustice system,” and the racist ‘school to prison’ pipeline.


Special thanks to Kevin Alexander Gray for putting me on to Sinatra’s anti-racist Legacy!

A Declaration of White Privilege in Missouri (Responding to “An Open Letter to Jonathan Butler”)

I cannot understate this. As a White man, the “OPEN LETTER TO JONATHAN BUTLER & #CONCERNEDSTUDENTS195” is possibly the most ignorant thing I’ve ever read in my entire life. Not that I haven’t been exposed to very hateful and overtly racist writings before. I was a History major at UC Davis and chose to specialize in the history of the United States and Race in America. I’m familiar with declarations of racial superiority made by the KKK and I’m aware of racist rulings by Judges in favor of slavery and segregation. This is not that.
This is worse.
This might very well be the best declaration of White Privilege, ever. The ‘Declaration of Dependence’ upon an invisible knapsack.
Perhaps the most telling statement this anonymous writer makes:
“My mind is overwhelmed with thoughts and questions about what I have seen lately, and maybe it’s just me…but there are things I don’t understand, things that I want to question, and things that I need to say.”
This proclamation boldly announces to the reader that the writer is genuinely concerned, frustrated, confused, and clearly speaking from a place of emotion and ignorance.
While this “Open Letter” is poorly written, and rambles along like an old drunk at the bar, it’s an excellent example of the dangers of being blind to White Privilege.
Indeed, many White people in my White experience tend to misunderstand and confuse the concept of “White Privilege,” often thinking its about a simplistic concept, as defined by access to wealth, or access to opportunity. Many feel that if they themselves are not rich, or did not grow up with a silver spoon, they don’t see how they can be “privileged.”
This misconception that White “privilege” is solely about success and wealth, often works together with personal feelings that we cannot  be “racist” because we do not feel hateful in our hearts. Perhaps we “have black friends” or have had romantic relationships with people of color, so therefore the logic is we cannot be racist. Furthermore, many Whites often confuse individual prejudice with systemic racism, and cannot come to terms with the idea that: while Black people can indeed be prejudice or hateful, they cannot be “racist” by definition in a structural sense. The example of this is that a Black person can certainly dislike White people, or be prejudice against whites, however those feelings (or actions) are not backed by the weight of the system (society) which throughout our history has been built and controlled by Whites and concepts of White supremacy.
That is, Black people have not prevented Whites from being free. Black people have never commonly organized to hunt and kill Whites. Black people have not prevented Whites from owning land. Black people have not prevented Whites from voting. Black people have not prevented Whites from playing sports. Black people have not prevented Whites from eating in public restaurants. Black people have not prevented Whites from swimming in public pools. Black people have not prevented Whites from integrating schools. Black people have not prevented Whites from receiving bank loans. Black people have not created drug enforcement policy that uses racial bias to target Whites. Black people have not passed laws that disparately sentence Whites for the same crimes. Black people have not built private prisons to profit from incarcerating disproportionate numbers of White people. Black people are not actively attempting to prevent Whites from profiting from the distribution of marijuana. Black people did not create a society in which human beings with “One drop” of “Black blood” are deemed as ‘Black‘ rather than ‘White,’ unless they can “pass” as otherwise.
So, although this particular White Privilege piece aimed at Jonathan Butler and Black students at #Mizzou is not radically violent or threatening. It helps to illustrate that the most dangerous kind of White Supremacy is simply a well-intentioned White person being utterly unaware of what White Privilege is in the first place. This lack of awareness of racial privilege, is a greater force than any purposeful denial, or calculated hatred. It’s a ferociously blind unconsciousness that maintains an atmosphere to birth the ideas of a Dylann Roof. It’s an inability to be empathetic, let alone concerned with the plight of people living in a place called Chi-Raq, and thus in part responsible. It’s a mindset that is categorically unaware of the daily realities of systemic oppression faced by people of color. Therefore it is to be ignorant of the basic advantages that come along with never having to navigate such obstacles.
But let’s be clear. This “Open Letter” is not the devious thoughts of a madman. These are very loud, confused, and racist feelings of someone who doesn’t wholly understand the History of the United States and it’s entanglement with White Supremacy. It’s to be absolutely unable to see the proverbial forrest through the tress. It’s to be both a benefactor and a mental slave to the pitfalls of privilege and supremacy and not even know it. This heavy amount of “not knowing,” or not understanding, can thus be startling and very scary when faced with it head on. Like a glitch in ‘the Matrix,’ many Whites choose to ignore the hard truths of racial inequality and revert to the ease of ignorance. The alternative is often too disruptive and challenges our concept of reality and what we are used to.
Paraphrasing Dr. Martin Luther King, the greatest threat to Black America achieving freedom and equality, is not the Klan, but the White Moderate that’s more dedicated to order, than justice.
In 2015, this pointed observation still rings true.

Politicians Are More Dangerous Than The Klan [Anonymous Outs The KKK]

The Anonymous story about leaking the names of Political figures that are allegedly associated with the KKK needs to be understood in a larger context (*Even if the leak is unfounded).

#1. The History of the KKK in America is an organization of White Supremacy and Racist Violence aimed at Black Americans in the wake of the abolition of Slavery.

– The Klan’s existence began immediately after the Civil War in the late 1860’s, and it flourished, fractured, and expanded from then on, and throughout the 20th Century. It was a driving force to Oppress and Kill Black Americans in the South during the height of the Jim Crow era, from the early 1900’s through the 1960’s.

#2. The KKK was originally founded and led by Rich White Men, White Businessmen, Political figures, Military leaders, Law Enforcement, Lawyers, Doctors, Farmers, etc.

– Notable Southern General Nathan Bedford Forrest was the first Grand Wizard of the Klan. Throughout the South in the 20th Century businessmen and prominent figures such as Police Chiefs and Politicians put the White Hood on to cover up their association with the violent Hate group. This was not a “backwoods” organization founded and led by poor white “rednecks.” These were “1 percent” types so to speak.

– The fact that we saw a “Black Power” movement in America, in addition to MLK’s Civil Rights movement, was not an attempt to go to war with White America, rather it was to attempt to physically wrestle power away from Racist Systems, Politicians, and Police, as well as to become self-sufficient and stand up to forces that were attacking the Black community without Law enforcement doing anything about it – because often times Law Enforcement was in on it. From local Police all the way up to the FBI.

#3. Racism in 2015 is much trickier and far more insidious than simply being associated with groups like “the Klan.”

– Our entire Justice system in AMERICA, from profiling and targeting, to a Racially Bias “War on Drugs,” to our School to Prison pipeline where children of color are set-up to fail; the entire structure is very much an ‘AmeriKKKan’ institution at this point.

– You don’t have to be an outwardly Racist person, or have a White Hood hanging in your closet to be a supporter of Systemic Racism.

This is why we must ALL work to end the New Jim Crow, the War on Drugs, and the School to Prison pipeline. It’s not enough to simply expose Racists, we need greater awareness about policies and legislation that shape these Racist institutions. This is why “Black Lives Matter” is so important. This is why History is always relevant.

Note: I’m not claiming to support the Anonymous story as true or false. If these claims are true, let them come out. If they are not, they are not only damaging to someone whom might not actually be associated with the Klan, but more so damaging to the bigger perspective of what REAL INSTITUTIONALIZED RACISM looks like in the 21st Century. You do not need a White Hood to be knowingly (or unknowingly) supporting these racist systems and structures. Politicians that accept money from Private Prison lobbies (Hillary Clinton), or work to uphold mandatory minimum sentencing (Bill Clinton, Diane Feinstein) are doing more damage to the Black and Brown community than any coward in a Klan outfit.

Nate Mezmer



A Father’s Righteous Anger and Reactions to Injustice

I watched this Video earlier today several times via Shaun King’s Twitter. It is one of the most powerful things I’ve viewed in a long time. It shows the father of a student at Spring Valley High School in South Carolina, very angrily (and eloquently) address the school board and the Sheriff’s department in the wake of a viral video showing a Black Teenage girl being body slammed by an on-campus Police officer named Ben Fields.

This South Carolina father KEEPS IT REAL on the victimization …These 3 minutes, from this angry father in South Carolina, are about the realest 3 minutes anybody has spoke in 2015. Must see stuff.

Posted by Shaun King on Sunday, November 1, 2015


When watching this video each of his points speak volumes, however I believe it is the question that this man poses at the end, about the “reaction” that is most important. Indeed it runs parallel to the conversation that I spoke about on my Twitter and personal Facebook page in the wake of uprisings in Ferguson and Baltimore.

That is: Riots are not actions in the name of justice, they are reactions to extreme levels of injustice.

In that context, when the board member witlessly says not to “make threats,” he not only misinterprets this man’s very righteous level of anger, he misses the entire point being made. The bigger picture question is not “what is the point?” of such rage, but rather “how did it get to that point?” And what are WE as a Nation going to do about inequitable conditions that foster these types of situations.

This is why BLACK LIVES MATTER is so necessary, not just as a movement to bring about awareness and conversation, but actual political change to push forward policy and legislation.

Because reprimanding this particular officer is merely symbolic, if policy and protocol within the School District and Sheriff’s Department does not change. After all the officer was eventually fired but if there was any semblance of fairness or justice, he would’ve been charged with assault. Moreover, the fact that the School Board member perceives this father’s anger as a threat, and responds to him with a highly unexamined level of reproach sums up the great Racial divide in this country. Indeed it’s a level of ignorance to injustice and oppression that often correlates directly with White privilege and systemic inequity.  The same goes for all my fellow White people yelling about Black folks “rioting” and “burning down their own neighborhood” instead of trying to understand the conditions of injustice that have led to this point.


If Black Lives Mattered, Flag Would’ve Been Ole News

Today, the University of Mississippi permanently took down the state flag from its campus. A long overdue step by Student leaders which will inevitably pressure the State to do the same.

As I’ve said before, in historical context, this is sort’ve the equivalent of Berlin taking down the Nazi flag in the year 2095.

If you want to better understand why America still struggles with the racial wounds of its past, look no further than the refusal to take down this awful flag.

If ‘Black Lives Mattered’ in this country, all these flags would’ve come down GENERATIONS ago.

If you want to better understand the difference between ‘Racism’ (as a social construct) and simply being Prejudice, look no further than this flag. Racism is the power to execute and maintain Prejudicial laws and oppressive systems. If Blacks had any real institutional power, they would have brought these flags down years ago. But, that’s not how this particular country works. They have had to wait for institutions Historically controlled by Whites to catch up.

From this old confederate flag in Mississippi, to newly racist Voter ID laws in Alabama, to racially bias Police targeting and disparate sentencing of people of color from California to New York, they are still waiting for us to catch up.

Social Media Whiteout of the Million Man March

Was there really a media ‘Blackout’ of the 20th Anniversary of the ‪#‎MillionManMarch‬ yesterday in DC? If so, would that really surprise you at this point? Hundreds of thousands of Black folks organizing peacefully to demand Justice Reform and changes in their own community. That doesn’t sell on Corporate Media Entertainment channels.

Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 12.10.44 PM

But perhaps its not just a Media ‘Blackout,’ as it is also a Blackout within your own personal Timeline. That is, unless you are connected to people that are interested, or were participating in the MMM in DC, I think it’s safe to assume that your “feed” on a Saturday afternoon might only feature things like: Brunches, Drinks, Outdoors, Weddings, Sports, and Nightlife.

Maybe instead of it just being a ‘Media Blackout’ it’s also a Social Media Whiteout.

EXCEPT, I must say this… Shouts out to ‪#‎SnapChat‬ for featuring the 20th Anniversary of the Million Man March in their Featured Feed! If it wasn’t for that I personally wouldn’t have seen much of anything on it until the following day.

Quite literally, ‪#‎FewMayKnow‬.


PSA on White Privilege


I’m gonna leave you with this one for the weekend… Privileged Service Announcement!! #PSA #FewMayKnow #WhitePrivilegeMatters  #AmericanHistory

Posted by Nate Mezmer on Thursday, July 16, 2015