Social Media Whiteout of the Million Man March

Was there really a media ‘Blackout’ of the 20th Anniversary of the ‪#‎MillionManMarch‬ yesterday in DC? If so, would that really surprise you at this point? Hundreds of thousands of Black folks organizing peacefully to demand Justice Reform and changes in their own community. That doesn’t sell on Corporate Media Entertainment channels.

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But perhaps its not just a Media ‘Blackout,’ as it is also a Blackout within your own personal Timeline. That is, unless you are connected to people that are interested, or were participating in the MMM in DC, I think it’s safe to assume that your “feed” on a Saturday afternoon might only feature things like: Brunches, Drinks, Outdoors, Weddings, Sports, and Nightlife.

Maybe instead of it just being a ‘Media Blackout’ it’s also a Social Media Whiteout.

EXCEPT, I must say this… Shouts out to ‪#‎SnapChat‬ for featuring the 20th Anniversary of the Million Man March in their Featured Feed! If it wasn’t for that I personally wouldn’t have seen much of anything on it until the following day.

Quite literally, ‪#‎FewMayKnow‬.


Rest in Peace and Power: Grace Lee Boggs

One of the great humans of the past century passed away yesterday. Grace Lee Boggs was 100 years old. I did not know her personally but she was very much a personal hero of mine. An American revolutionary who helped lead the Black Power movement in Detroit in the 1960’s with her husband Jimmy Boggs, and would go on to become one of the leading activists for social change in this country for over 7 decades.

Grace was truly one of the most influential voices I’ve ever come across, with a smile that will enlighten you and inspire you to lead. Please take some time to watch “American Revolutionary: The Evolution of Grace Lee Boggs,” the documentary on her life. You will be more than inspired! (links below)

“We are the leaders we’ve been looking for”Grace Lee Boggs

Watch it here on HULU with commercials. It’s also on Netflix.

Rest in peace, and power.


LA Times obituary: Grace Lee Boggs

New T-Shirt (Gentrified Neighborhoods)

Gentrified Neighborhoods Tee

Gentrified Yellow

Gentrification doesn’t just push people out of neighborhoods, it deletes the cultural fabric of a city. You cannot marginalize or remove working-class families, young people, and artisans, without crippling your creative class and diluting diversity. Gentrification and wildly inflated housing prices might be good for politicians that answer to Big Business and Real Estate, but it’s really bad for the lifeblood of a City. To alter the course of gentrification we must change the narrative. We must become more aware of our physical footprint and work together to not only “support local” but push public policy that has an interest in building community, rather than just condos and corporate offices. [Register to Vote – Here]

-Nate Mezmer

*Purchase of this shirt comes with Free stickers and other goodies!


Photos from TBD FEST

TBD FEST 2015 in Sacramento

We brought the “Few May Know” LIVE SHOW to the State Capitol

I went to Hiero Day in Oakland, and this is what happened…

We went to Hiero Day in Oakland and this is what happened…

Posted by Eye Heart SF on Monday, September 14, 2015


PSA on White Privilege


I’m gonna leave you with this one for the weekend… Privileged Service Announcement!! #PSA #FewMayKnow #WhitePrivilegeMatters  #AmericanHistory

Posted by Nate Mezmer on Thursday, July 16, 2015